I don't believe in global warming either: Bansky & Pier Pressure

Photo: @TheMammal via Flickr

Ok, so seriously. Oil tankers are running aground in the Northwest Passage (care of our Canadian Government's inability to provide maps that are less than 35 years old), another oil rig catches fire, not to mention the lame clean-up efforts of the BP rig. Oil, oil, oil! Why does oil get all the attention? Well, maybe it's the root cause, if you're looking for someone else to blame, but it's really us humans at fault. What the hell is wrong with us? How can we expose this problem further?

Well, it's all about public art and activism. Great artists have enlisted themselves for the greener peace, artists such as Banksy.  He says it best in his public graffiti works, and now there's this little treasure of an experience for your amusement.

"Look Mum! I'm riding the dolphin with the oil barrel underneath while it's caught in the fishing net? Isn't this funny? Take a photo with your cellphone!" Pier Pressure isn't just a interactive performance piece that confuses the simpletons and makes them laugh a little. Chuckle even. It's huge.

Just sayin'.