The Vegetarian's kitchen - raw foods live here

This is the big expose on Corey and it's not to be missed. I stopped eating meats all together. I haven't eating meats from quadrupeds for 20 years now, and resisted the transition. So I figured that there's no time like the present to try something new, well newer. Being a designer, I immediately began to think of how this impacts my kitchen. Do I need 2 pan's now? One for the meat eater in the home and one for me? Or is that a bit extreme, because I'm not vegan. Yet.

I thought about the different regional, religious, and self-managed diets - more specifically about vegetarianism, veganism, and raw foodism - and you just can't have the standard kitchen with a cooking or baking fixture (or appliance). For example, a raw vegan does not cook anything above 48°C (118°F) and therefore does not require a 5,000BTU Wolf Gas Range, but could rather work off a single burner cooktop so clearly the amount of space needed has changed. Kitchen planning and analysis would dictate this food preparation space as secondary kitchen, but I prefer to think of it as a specialty kitchen because there are exclusive fixtures and space requirements that need to be modified from the standard NKBA Kitchen Planning Guidelines. In addition, the amount of cabinet frontage would need to be dramatically reduced (more along the small kitchen size in a large kitchen space) because raw foods are immediate and no pots, pans, baking sheets, food processors or whatever are required.

Firing at all synapses and excited about my design geeky-ness, I was immediately reminded about a living kitchen that I saw a couple years back.

FLOW (@studio_Gorm)is a living kitchen where one grows, prepares, cooks, and composts to return to the growth-cycle type of kitchen. Or zero waste. The dishwater drains to water the herbs and edible plants too. You can see, it's a far stretch from the average kitchen.

You just don't need the extra stuff with a raw food kitchen, or basically you don't need a kitchen.

Talk about bringing us back to our roots!