Improkitchen: The kitchen that sets the stage, literally.

Improkitchen expanded ZÜRICH - Art imitates life. This was bound to happen sooner or later. Keung Caputo constructed this mobile kitchen stage for performance artists Maria Küpfer and Stefani Grubenmann where they curate dinners showing their improvisation of cooking dinner.

Lisa Smith at Core77 writes about Improkitchen:

We like it because it takes a stand against all the overwrought, polished counter, empty cabinet, super modernist kitchen designs depicted in so many magazines. Instead, the improkitchen celebrates cooking for what it is: cluttered, fast-paced and creative, where a quick-wit, resourcefulness, and experience trumps polished appliances any day.

What is, or perhaps isn't, addressed, is that people LIKE polished counters with beautiful cabinetry that sets the stage for great food, great family and friends, and a great user cooking experience. My ideal kitchen design is one constructed of grade a plyboo and concrete, where there are no hinges, no drawers, no straight lines and no separation from living and eating. I just haven't found the space to hold this idea in yet, so, for now, improkitchen is where it's at.