Toilets that harvest energy: HighDro Power

I'm usually a lot quicker with my posts - contribute it to many clients and projects on the go - but here's one that I've been DYING to post. This cutie-patootie is Tom Broadbent, a Leicester De Montfort University industrial design graduate, whom has created this brilliant shit disturber. Using the same principles as a hydro-electric dam, the waste goes down the drain and hits four turbines that generate electricity. “HighDro Power works by using the water discharged from appliances such as showers, toilets and sinks in high-rise apartments. The water goes down the pipe and hits four turbine blades that drive one generator.” says Tom. "The inspiration for HighDro Power was literally a ‘Eureka!’ moment that came when I emptied a bath in a hotel and found that it cleared very quickly and with a large amount of force. It seemed logical that this energy should be harnessed in some way to create green electricity and help governments meet targets and it filled an obvious gap in the market.”

I would feel a little less guilty about the flush if I had one. @Inhabitat