Designers Arsenal: Material Selections for the Undecided

Sometimes clients have a hard time seeing everything together, or making counter-top decisions in this case. For this particular client, I needed to pull out a major arsenal from my designer tool-belt: labeling the samples by what the response was. To perform this trick, put all the known selections in the middle. Grab some 11" x 17" and label one "Never" and the other "Do-able" Place those two regionally across from each other and two blank sheets diagonally from each other. With a pencil, write what the client says about the material beside it so that they can see what they're saying. The goal here is to make the client feel empowered to make their decision, and you're just there for emotional support. I can't say that this will work with all clients in need, but I thought it was a pretty handy dandy trick if you ask me.