New Project: Point Grey Kitchen Remodel (Part 1)

When the client popped into our showroom a few months back, she had just purchased this interesting home in West Point Grey and knew she was going to redo the all the electrical and the kitchen. She was pretty intent on saving everything and keeping the character of the home. What really got my goat was this little gem of a butler's cart. Tucked neatly away under the end base cabinet, this little red Formica top cart had seen better days, but it's concept was ingenious for the time.

Last week was possession day, and I hadn't taken site measurements so I appeared at our scheduled time, 4 hours after possession. The client and her daughter had already started stripping wallpaper, and the man of the house had begun ripping up the red and gold shag in the second main floor bedroom (which is really too small to be a bedroom.) Follow my reactions:

Can they get this all done in time for my cabinets to arrive and be installed? Can all this electrical be redone behind all the lath and plaster without the ceiling coming down? Can I take out the soffits, oh wait, those arn't soffits, those are false front cabinets. Oh no! That ruins the plan for the archway I want to keep because it's hanging off the cabinet now?!? And these frameless cabinets could ruin the interior walls when they come down, oh and is that wallpaper on the wall, inside the cabinets?? There's wallpaper everywhere here!! What have I done!!

Panic set it, but I kept my cool.

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So say goodbye to the original 1930's kitchen - that was likely remodeled in the 50's - because there is nothing left.