Surprise: Gehry goes linear in the kitchen

I'm a little star struck with this house. Either that, or I really got too much sun yesterday. It's Frank Gehry's, and of course it looks turned inside out and upside down, but what really caught my eye is how simple the kitchen is. And, being a kitchen designer, I was really taken aback because I thought the carpet should match the drapes, if you know what I mean. So what's so interesting about the kitchen? Well, it's linear, of course. (Linear kitchens are where all the fixtures and appliances are along one wall with work centres between)

Now what would posses such a great architect to have a linear kitchen. It's clearly not the original location of the kitchen in the home, but has Gehry made it secondary to the function of the home? Architects generally, but not always true, have a nasty habit of not planning kitchens very well... but I think that this kitchen is a gem because it's modern, and linear. I can see myself cooking up a storm (if I cooked more, or had more time) and it feels like a flexible space.