Vac from the Sea: Electrolux to the RESCUE!

It's a bird? It's a plane? IT"S ELECTROLUX!

For those of you have believed the doubt brought on by other experts, there are indeed several plastic floating islands in our oceans made by us humans (and you wonder why whales and fish are dying) and Electrolux is going to help us start to fix the problem. The concept, Vac from the Sea, is to collect (not harvest, because that implies it's natural, and this is not natural) back the plastic we've dumped into our oceans and make vacuums from it.

"The supply of sustainable raw material, such as recycled plastic, is crucial for making sustainable appliances, and assisting consumers in making their homes greener.

I therefore hope you will join us in raising awareness about the threat plastic poses to marine habitats, and the urgent need for taking better care of the plastic that already exists." - Hans Stråberg President and CEO, Electrolux

Seriously, how cool is that.

Images courtesy Electrolux