Matching cabinetry: 21 years later

Back at the beginning of May, a customer came into the showroom @ILK with a cabinet door. Normally I tense up a bit when this type of thing happens because they're usually looking for a match to some other manufacturers product. Not this time.


  • Match Doorstyle of existing.
  • Match colour of existing
  • Add 6" cabinet to left of Range
  • Remove 29" eating centre with drawers and add cabinetry
  • Service work: repair damaged drawer & level all doors and drawers


  • Doorstyle still manufactured 21 years later
  • Colour match done by factory, exactly
  • New 6" Cabinet provides space for awkward items - baking sheets, spices
  • New 30" cabinets provide new baking/cooking/storage centre
  • Service work completed

Although this is a small job, it is these types of projects that show you what your product line stands for, the character of your design team, and reputation of your company.

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