If your basement flooded: A designers reaction statment

Bali Temple, flooding down the steps

What if, let's say, your basement flooded and was filled with sewage backing up from the street. If you don't have a basement, and you've never seen one, image it to be your space filled with floaties. I bet you would be on the phone so fast to solve the problem, wouldn't you? Because all that sewage and grey water isn't good for a) the basement, and b) your health.

So, why has it taken one of the biggest companies in the world over 50 days to stop the oil coming out of the bottom of the ocean? Clearly this decision was driven by money because rather than going directly ahead with capping it, they tried to harness it - unsuccessfully, twice - to recapture revenues. Greed. Gluttony.

Frankly, I am sick and tired of it and I've more than reached media-fatigue with the man-made disaster. How long are we going to pillage this singular planet in which we have no option but to live on?