Black & White shows pos/neg in Swedish 185 Sq. Ft.

I've been on this black & white kick lately. Everything I want to design has to have black & white. It's a struggle, believe me, especially when clients want wood.

Living in a smaller West End space myself, I have to find unique and interesting ways to use space, and one way is with white. You can see from this 185 Sq. Ft. (17 sq. m.) apartment for sale in Gothenburg, Sweden, that the predominant use of positive and negative makes the space feel huge. What it also does, is makes the other colours pop from their background. Not to say that you can't do this with another colour, say the Black Apartment, but you can see how the white makes you feel fresh and crisp, while an opposite use of black as the primary colour would make you feel sexy and sleek.

I'm off to plan a white shirt rebellion.