Spring time brings fancy fixtures & fittings!

Ah, spring. Can you smell the fresh cut grass, the gardening, the cherry blossoms? What about the off-shoots from all the spring design shows, particularity fixtures & fittings! Let me explain, a fixture is a part of your spaces that is fixed in place - like a sink, toilet, lavatory, bidet, etc. But a fitting is a faucet, towel bar, toilet paper holder, robe hook - anything that is fit in place. Now that you know the basics, let's check out some fancy fixtures & fittings!

I am SOOOOO happy that Kohler came out with the bathroom wall facet. I'm a little less happy that it's a wall faucet, but everyone needs a little articulation in the bathroom.

Now, how sexy is this faucet? It's pretty sexy, agree with me. I really love the lines of the Purist series and I think that they are very under utilized.

Nothing's complete without a failure. This faucet is disgusting. Which geometric shape is it? Who the hell paired it with that very unpractical back-splash? Blech. Elkay needs a new design team.

At first impression, this toilet looks like  those little sewing notions that Kim Basinger added to her cat outfit in Batman. The Toto Giovannoni Washlet comes with tech!

"[It] features a self-cleaning washing wand, a heated seat, a deodoriser and remote control, as well as TOTO’s revolutionary rimless toilet design, Tornado Flush and CeFiONtect coating in keeping with the company’s Clean Technology mantra."

Now, if I could just round up some Brizo...