Knightsbridge 60.5 sq. ft. flat

Photos courtesy Matt Blake for The Daily Mirror

Ray Baker lives across the street from Harrods Knightsbridge. Please reserve your envy for after this post because, honestly, I don't know how he does it. The flat is a small 11'-0" x 5'-6" (60 1/2 sq. ft.) that was converted from a closet in 1987. Baker says it was originally purchased by a secretary for £36,500 and it's valued at £200,000 - a whopping 22% ROI and a single square is worth £3,300.

The flat boasts toilet, shower, and 6" deep cupbaords... but is no where near building code these days.

"I can do the cleaning while lying in my sofa bed. In fact, I can wash up, answer the door, make a cuppa and go to the loo all at the same time." says 49 year old Baker.