CMYK pillows: fly or fail?

 This is how this product is being spun:

Graphic Designer Thomas Dabner from Sheffield has created these fun and attractive "low ink" pillow covers. A cotton pillow cover designed specifically for those designers out there who share his frustration with low running ink and you know you have no new cartridges left. via if it's hip, it's here

Sometimes there is this kind of "new" design stuff on the market that seems to either fly or fail. It honesly reminds me of those takcy men only gift stores from the eighties that sold useless golf novelty products, the magic eight ball, or silly ties. It's inovation-less products like these that make me wonder if design has truly run out of inovative ideas or if we're now doomed to repeat history. It does seem frustrating, as a designer, that another designer can profit off a found-object, mundane, slice-of-life hap-hazard reality of printing off-shoot and turn it in to "attractive" and "fun" geek-ware.

Or maybe I'm completely off base and I can't see beyond the ugly of the wasted piece of paper and this is truly the most ingenious idea of the year to date. I'm willing to change, so you tell me. Am I wrong?