Digital photo backsplash: hit or miss?

So I'm reading my feeds this morning and I'm doing my usual scan for my chic picks and eco-chic picks (which are new categories I just added because I love the label) and I came across this:

After I finished throwing up (because this is a disgustingly gross picture, I mean, the least Okhyo could have done here is added a sexy or sentual picture that makes you want to clean yourself rather than feel like you're being dumped on by a thousands pounds of water) I came across the kitchen backsplash pic which is much more interesting:

Now, be warned that this isn't really something that we should all rush out and do to our backspashes because, afterall, there is a bit of a goddy factor when considering your photo backsplash; but I think it's a cool idea for a more minimalist space.

Is it a hit or a miss?

via Unplggd