NYC is a buzz with Brizo

Brizo 2010 Ad featuring Jason Wu dress How envious am I of all the designers on the East Coast who headed out to the Brizo show. Their tweets were endless... and only agrivating because I SO wanted to be there. Other than a bunch of kitchen fittings, I'm sure that I don't have to tell you that the biggest tease was about Jason Wu's collaboration with Brizo at New York's Fashion Week 2010. Could I be any more envious?

Just to translate the magnitude of Brizo for non-design types, it's like the iPhone... super cool, super slick, and so very chic. But when I say that New York City is a buzz with Brizo, I really mean the world, and when I say the world, I really mean the Milky Way Galaxy. The form of the 2010 faucet collection is, to say the least, very organic, vulva even. I mean, who would have thought that I would look at a faucet (above) and think of curves, sex, sensuality, and nature. A facet, after all, has but a couple of functions like dispensing water and pulling the stop of a sink but you'll never buy another faucet when you have one that is as an ephemeral experience such as the fixtures being pumped out by Brizo.

What surprised me most about the Brizo collection were the faucets that I was personally attracted to. I've always been very classical in design with punches and hits of inspiration, but what I found was that I was drawn to the hyper-modern and the modern designs that were geometric. Now, this may not be a shock to some of you, but I've always love organic sculpture and, in fact, I produced bio-morphic sculpture during my degree at the School of Art in Winnipeg.

Overall I am impressed by Brizo. I hope to see much more of it, and I hope to enjoy the lucky client to let's me specify it.