Post-competition entry: Sub-Zero & Wolf 2008-09 Kitchen Design Submission

I have some news. Most of you may know that I returned/continued in studies last year to complete an essential part of my design education. I was in the first graduating class of the NKBA Supported Kitchen & Bath Program in BC; and, in fact, the program director says my claim to fame is that I was the first student registered. It was a challenging year, juggling studies, a full-time job, a shaken down yoga practice, and a home life that celebrated a 11 year anniversary, but I did it. I am more than proud.

In December 2009, I submitted one of the projects that I designed to the Sub-Zero & Wolf 2008-09 Kitchen Design Competition. Now that the announcements are out, I can share the project. No, didn't win it, but I actually don't care that much because this project was an amazing experience and I gained so much knowledge about Google SketchUp that I'm using it as my primary CAD software now after switching to an Apple computer. I think this is a stellar project, maybe I'm biased, and I'd love to see the international winner's project.

By the way, I am looking for work in a firm, so if you know of anyone...

2008-09 Sub-Zero & Wolf Kitchen Design Competition

International Student Entry

Rendered 3D perspective

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Design brief:

This kitchen design was created for Alexis and Cory Springer for the 278 square foot kitchen remodel located in the neighbourhood of Beaumont-Wilshire in Portland, Oregon U.S.A. The home is an Arts & Crafts 1910 shingle style home and the kitchen is central to the day to day function of the household. The design presented an inspirational challenge to create three high-functioning rooms from two non- functioning spaces. Returning to the roots of the period, a frequently used Butler’s Pantry and separated laundry offered work flow and adjacency successes identified as:

  • Addition of a separated Butler’s Pantry with wine storage, warming drawer, auxiliary sink and dishwasher and primary serve and dinnerware storage.
  • Included minimum seating requirements for the family with spaces for computer and office equipments
  • Create a separated laundry area with pull-out ironing board and laundry storage

The planning of the kitchen focused on a separated working triangle that eliminated cross traffic, ensuring adequate clearances for the required appliances in the Butler’s Pantry, laundry and kitchen. Incorporating an updated Arts & Crafts style by acknowledging the past and embracing the future is essential to the success of the design.

  • Maintain 48” clearance in the Butler’s Pantry and 42” clearance in the primary kitchen spaces
  • Incorporate high-functioning appliances thereby eliminating life-cycle concerns
  • Focus on unique methods and concepts to address multi-functioning zones in a limited space
  • Ensure NKBA Kitchen Planning Guidelines are adhered