2010 NKBA Kitchen & Bath trends? My West Coast predictions

You've heard about have seen the reaction videos on YouTube, but have you thought that designers react to association analysis of predictive consumer trends? I a reaction when I read the press release NKBA Reveals 2010 Kitchen & Bath Design Trends yesterday because I'm not sure if it's based upon American, North American or trends on the east coast, so I am struggling to find the relevance of some of the trends that my association (which I love dearly and it is very close to my heart) claims. What I thought would be a good idea is to show the difference that a region, or a select market such as the West Coast, can change the way major associations make predictive trends. Here's my response list:


1. Eco-chic is the new contemporary

A new style is on the horizon and there isn't quite a name for it, so I'll just refer to it as "Eco-chic". Eco-chic style is for the urbanites spa for those who are eco-dense and care deeply about our environment, which includes the sights we see in our homes. A there will be a blending of the current urban designs with sustainable products such as IceStone, PaperStone, Kieri, and bamboo so there will be a mix of light blonde typical of Scandinavian styles or dark woods typical of contemporary.  White will be the primary colour pallet and a secondary colour pallet of cool greens, mid-tone greys, deep purple, turquoise, and steel blues. All this will be hit with a THIRD colour pallet of hot reds, warm oranges, and bright yellows to add pop and that wow-factor.

2. Low-impact woods emerge

I have noticed in the conversations that I have with people, and the posts in the blogosphere, that economical and sustainable kitchens are absolutely key to moving ahead in this world. Flat panel doors in Bamboo, Kieri board, or reclaimed lumber that are clear coated in a semi-gloss low-VOC finish are what I am seeing more and more of. Ply-woods and particle board frames are moving toward formaldehyde free and even Soy and hemp boards are finding their way onto the marketplace. People are asking for them and the industry is responding.

3. Flooring that grounds you

For some of us, flooring is the most difficult choice we will ever make. There has been a waive of hardwood in the past couple years, but this year, 2010, will be the year of dark chocolate PlybooStrand and Durapalm. Other flooring options include polished concrete and wide format recycled tiles.

4. Kitchen-tech faucets

With so much changing in the tech industries, our kitchens have taken on the same depth and *poof* here's Kohler's KarbonTMfaucet. Men be warned, more dish washing is inevitable with this hot faucet.

5. EnergyStar is in the spotlight

EnergyStar approved appliances are here to stay and improve. Smaller-sized appliances (24" width and depth) are huge because they keep you eating your food quickly, thereby keeping is fresh, thereby forcing you to be creative and have fun with all the local produce and foods in the shops.

6. All hail the drawer dishwasher

The NKBA has it right here and the drawer dishwasher is HUGE! EPIC even! The coolest part is that for small spaces, the dishwasher can go under the sink gaining you that ever valuable cabinet storage space.


1. Your future spa awaits you

Bathrooms are going to be sustainable with low-flow faucets, dual-flush toilets and integrated bathroom tech. Small LCD televisions, vanity spaces that are simple and clean will be built in (Dare I say that the laundry will be under the counter and the typical dryer will disappear? Oh I dare. I dare allot.) Colour pallets will mirror kitchens with white, turquoise and greys being predominantly mixed with bamboo and low-impact woods.

2. Colour on colour

Corian surfaces, coloured fixtures, polished chrome fittings, translucency, and reflection. It has become ever more clear that we expect that our cleanliness is synonymous with shiny white, but it white is less predominant. Blacks and greens are strong contenders in the bathing spaces and they are being married with curves and translucent materials. But grey never seems too far behind, again.


So what does all this mean? All this white with tone-on-tone, natural products, and pops of colour. Well, it's all a response to the glam-Appledom of white and silvers, the dialed down spending, instant cash-cab culture, viral marketing, and fashion. Here are a few of my favorites from the Louis Vuitton 2010 fall show.