The house the love couldn't build: 2010 Builder Concept Home

Ok, so you know when there is something wrong with the building industry when a concept home can't be built for the 2010 International Building Show in Las Vegas, NA. I guess it's too late to re-think the problem? Builder's Concept Home 2010: A Home for the New Economy

The concept home will be a virtual tour on the Builder website, citing adjusting to new realities. The concept home is a miss on the sutainbility front and reduction of the carbon footprint is a plethora of mis-guided paths in it's smarter, efficent, classically detailed, 1,700-square-foot, two storey, four bedroom, three and a half bathroom.

“Our goal this year is to respect and reflect what’s going on in the industry right now and present what we believe is the model for the future,” says Builder’s editorial director Boyce Thompson.

Really. The average home has 2.5 people in it and 1,700-square-feet is WAY TOO MUCH! Who needs that much space? Classically detailed? Um. Ew. Oh and also, where is the sustainability in 3.5 bathrooms? What a joke.

IBS, please hire me because you have no clue what's going on in the industry.