24 rooms in 344 sq. ft.

HONG KONG - I don't know how I EVER let this post slip me by because it's AWESOME!

Gary Chang, Architect and small space guru, has 24 spaces all within 344 sq. ft. in Hong Kong. Renovated in 2008, Chang has lived in the SAME seventh-floor apartment since he was fourteen, when he moved in with his parents and siblings. Talk about life-cycle! Walls slide, chairs and tables fold down, and there are even 3 bedrooms in this place. Can you beleive it?!?

He had been itching to tear down the walls since his teenage years, when he sketched new designs for the family home, and he then began in earnest. In the last two decades, he has renovated four times, on progressively bigger budgets as his company, Edge Design Institute, has grown. His latest effort, which took a year and cost just over $218,000, he calls the “Domestic Transformer.” - via New York Times

Check out the pics below or the video by clicking here.

All images courtesy Marcel Lam for the New York Times

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