Design Manifestation: Ask, believe, receive for 2010

Image courtesy Apartment Therapy

I find it interesting that I have decided to embark on a new blog for the rest of my design life. It's something I want to explore a bit further.

Manifestation of a new future is held in 3 parts: ask, believe, and receive. Manifestation is also referred to as the Law of Attraction used widely as a group of philosophers known as the New Thought Writers. We don't often think of ideas or things that we want to do with our lives or careers as manifestations, but they are exactly that. Simply put, our thoughts become our actions - or mantra's!

Let's look at a few examples of how the manifestation is working for me in the new year of 2010:

Ask: A fulling interior design role
Believe: I am a successful interior designer.
Receive: Watch, listen and learn what the universe will guide me to such as me starting this blog.

You can see how it's pretty simple and easy to start but the key with any manifestation is to pay careful attention to the words that you choose to define your 3 parts of the manifestation. The words should be first person, action, and positive.

There are other types of manifestation exercises and one I find particularly interesting is Design Manifestation - an exercise to providing a product that is exclusive to a persons lifestyle. The theory is used in design schools to present an unpredictable problem for the designer to solve thereby creating a specific and measurable product for the user to easily incorporate into their lives.

Design Manifestation is a course taught for Industrial Designers and Delft University.

Connie Yeh (American) via bunnyfish creates a spa facial kit for NYC Taxi drivers. Cool idea.

Other design manifestations were particularly hyped during the postmodernism movement (1920-current) have been known to include:

  • David Bryne, and his band the Talking Heads, said "Stop making sense."
  • Marcel Duchamp and his alter-ego R. Mutt
  • Andy Warhol and his "ready-made" silk-screens and prints
  • Salvador Dali's film Un Chien Andalou

So with the ever changing world of design such as the green movement, DIY, and more astute clients, where will the world of interior design lead us all?