Ruegg CookCook wood-burning stove in the kitchen: think twice

CookCook by RueggThe CookCook is a re-invented idea (although they call it revolutionary) by egg Cheminee AG.

CookCook combines unadulterated work satisfaction with the highest level of living culture. The new, timeless creation offers appealing design and modern functionality far from all trends. With all its advantages, it is the conversion which is important: CookCook brings the fire back to its original place - as the focus of life: to the kitchen.

That was a mouthful. Look's pretty, right?

This product may pass all the laws in the EU, but in Vancouver and the GVRD there are strict by-laws on particulate matter and wood-burning. Luckily, if you are cooking food on a wood-burning appliance it will be generally allowed pending a permit to install and use it from the the City of Vancouver/Local municipality. Other wood-burning appliances are generally accepted as long as they fit the building, enviromental and fire codes of your municipality.