SmartChef Next Gen Kitchen PC

Introducing the SmartChef Next Gen Kitchen PC - but you can nick name it Rosie if you want to. Designed by Kaiju Studios for Microsoft, "The SmartChef concept computer is a partner in the kitchen for those who take pleasure in cooking, cuisine and the culture of food. A finalist in Microsoft's Next-Gen PC competition, the SmartChef was designed with a holistic approach to the software and hardware, with the goal of creating a device to enhance, expand and inform the amateur chef's time in the world of food. Finding and sharing recipes, connecting with local producers and farmers markets, seasonal menu suggestions and diet guidance are all part of the tools and content the device can provide. The hardware consists of a bamboo surfaced cutting board element containing the SmartChef's computing and food scanning hardware, while a portable touch-screen tablet provides a kitchen-safe interface that can travel throughout the kitchen and home."