Avacacado, harvest gold, groovy: KOHLER in 1969

No word of a lie that I thought that avocado green was the cat's meow years back (circa 2000) and loved our little apartment off 14th St in the Sun-Alta neighborhood of Calgary, AB. But 1969 was a strange time for us all. Apparently my mother and father hadn't meet (and who knew that 20 years later they would wish they never had) and there was this thing about Woodstock, the lunar landing and yes, harvest gold. How sweet it was. Somethings should not be revived or repeated and we must learn from out mistakes. I.E. Sunken bathtubs in the bedroom. Happened a lot, surrounded by carpet, (red shag, I think) but we'd never do it again. Such is with avocado and harvest gold appliances, fixtures and fittings.

By the way, the cartoon of the woman in the bell bottoms and red hair below is my mom.

Kohler Avacado



Harvest Gold

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