All I want is LEGO Architecture

Over the past while I have given little relevant thought or purpose to this lil-blog-of-mine and you may have noticed a huge shift in my focus. This is in part because I returned to studies in January, green/sustainable (or whatever we'll call it now) design is very present now, and also because there is just so much visual garbage out there in the Googlesphere. So as I sit, mostly, and work on my drawing packages, presentations, reading and knowledge all the while trying to hold down the fort, a job, and a decent yoga practice, I can't help but want a bit of relief. A buffer or a bit of solitude if you will.

All this activity and change in our lives makes me long for simpler times or simpler things. Is it so wrong of me to want the LEGO Architectural series in it's entirety? Maybe it's my sophisticated pallet, maybe it's the kid in me who longs for hours of play and nothingness, but I do know that it completely inspires me to create and design. Not that I expect much, but this is the coolest gift that anyone could ever give me in my adult life. I would probably need two of each of whatever they'll make.