Hot: Morgann, two loads, one cycle by Melina Pigeon

Electrolux Morgann by Melina Pigeon. Photo courtesy Designboom. Melina Pigeon (Canadian) designed this hot little washing machine for Electrolux.

“Morgann, two loads, one cycle” Morgann is a convenient washing machine that has efficient features in response of new eventual needs of the urban contemporary society in 2020. The two compartments allow the user to wash two loads at a time. Each part has is own interface to set the right kind of clothes you have to wash. Also, the two compartments of Morgann combine two functions, washing and drying. So, it is possible to choose to dry your clothes after the washing cycle and this, in the same compartment that they have been washed. By this, the main idea is to save manipulations and time. The user only has to put his clothes in the compartment, if he just has one load and in both of them if he has two, and Morgann will wash the clothes and dry them, as it has been set. Furthermore, there is only one motor for both of the compartments. This technical aspect allows saving energy. Also, the interface is simplified. So, the user’s interaction with the washing machine is much easier because of limited steps in the setting options. [via designboom]