Hippie home: BC Home

This months BC Home features a simple and easy article for greening your home: Create warmth in your home and your heart using natural and sustainable products.

  • Buy sustainable: Buy decorative wood furniture products that have been made with reclaimed wood, or are Forest Stewardship Council approved (FSC). This means the wood comes from responsibly managed forests and verified recycling sources.
  • Reuse: Give your old wooden furniture a second chance by painting or refinishing it. Use zero-VOC paint or water-borne wood finishes.
  • Limit emissions: Nothing says rustic charm like a fireplace. Convert your old wood-burning fireplace to an energy-saving natural gas fireplace. Look for the EnerGuide Fireplace Efficiency rating and compare the energy performance and operating costs of each model.
  • Soften your lights: To get that cosy, rustic feel install a dimmer and lower your lights. You'll also be saving energy.
  • Incorporate life: Buy native plants and grasses to fill your home with life. Enjoy your area's natural beauty while helping boost your local economy. Alternatively, bring in clippings taken from blooming trees in your garden.