Attack of the Toxic TV Zombies: Las Vegas

  Photo via Electronics TakeBack Coalition

Activists respond to the CES minimal green gadgets section at the '09 show in Las Vegas. "Greening" the CES includes mass-transit and recycling bins, but is severely lacking in the eco-gadget sections of the show itself. Rather than focusing on recycling old gadgets for the compulsive-re-placers or non-toxic materials like the Grass Phone, the TV Zombies have taken it upon themselves to spread the word.

E-waste scrap yards are popping up in China, India, and south-east Asia where severely underpaid workers dis-assemble parts to be recycled, while parts that can't be are left at the side of the road to be rained upon and washed into the water systems.

Luckily, here's a little cartoon to put the current issue (HTDV conversion) into perspective:

What to do with your e-waste:

  • Encorp (BC) already has an electronic recycling program. ERA covers more.
  • BestBuy cover's what Encorp doesn't. Just drop it off
  • Bell will donate $1 to WWF-Canada for any carriers device and has free shipping. They'll recycle it or provide it to Women in shelters in need
  • Telus will plant a tree when you drop of any carriers device
  • Rogers does nothing for e-waste. Shocked?
  • HP will send you shipping packets to return your ink-waste and their products. FOR FREE
  • Sony & Toshiba also have programs, but here's how they rank overall

Think before you buy.