It was a bitterly cold 7 days on average of -30°C. I found myself bundled up inside and forbade myself to go outside for any, what would have been reasonable in Vancouver, amount of time. I was confronted with many Christmas visual disasters. Winnipeg is a confused city with multiple messaging signals - where red means pay attention to what the green arrow says and do not stop but go ahead and do a u-turn - and a free shuttle bus around the downtown core. I never noticed this when I lived there. Nor did I notice the insane amount of parking regulations.


Ragpickers Anti Fashion Emporium - Alive and well since I was in high school at the least.

Mondragon Bookstore and Coffeehouse - Offering an all vegan menu and crazy book selections

Hoopers Bazaar - Wow. I was really blown away by the amount of retro

Millennium Library - Used to be called the Centennial Library, this place has had a huge face lift and is so comfortable

Prints of Albrecht Dürer @ WAG - A sight for sore eyes, the exhibit was small but thorough

Shelia Spence @ WAG - Amazing photo exhibit of local Winnipeg photographer

Baked Expectations - 25 years old and where I had my first cappucino when I was 15. I think it has earned the title of "institution" for this cold city.