What I know for sure

I have had a whirlwind of a couple of weeks. I participated in the second annual Yoga 4 Kids 24 hour Marathon Relay and raised $341 for Children living with HIV in Africa. A really great cause. Also last weekend, my 40 days to personal revolution came to a close but not the end. This weekend I am off to Whistler to the international film festival. This is my first time, and apprently I will be privy to an intimate chat with Donald Sutherland. Jason is pitching a film and I wish him the biggest of successes.

I am truly excited to be flying "home" for the holidays this year. And 2009 will be busy again so I need the recharge.

In all this crazyness and holiday time, I know for sure that; - there is always more time - just when I think my Inbox is full I discover the delete button - I am awesome the way I am - quality is more important - I practice at a pretty cool studio - I have great people around me - and when our cup is full, empty it and start again