This week in design: my shipping container obsession

I love New York. I love Paris too. I think I miss New York just a bit more right now. I wish I could just pick up an move in a trailer, or Westfalia even, to live in a van down by the Hudson River. What if I could ship my home there?! Eureka!

Inhabitable shipping containers

I've had a bit of a shipping container fascination lately. The idea of using a discarded and sturdy container to live in utterly fascinates me to the en-th degree. Connecting them like Lego's, complete with the raw lumps and bumps, colours and doors makes me wild with excitement for designing one myself. This is my childhood dream come true.

Zigloo, by Keith Dewey, is an amazing local BC site with so much going for it. Would I love to pick Keith's brain and work for him, or what! The really cool part is that he's actually do it! He's living in this Lego-land of containers.

How's excited was I when I found this little vid! This is some pretty freaking amazing housing.

There's more! Oh yes, much more. Storage systems by Sander Mulder where her latest design, Pandora, is inspired by shipping containers. Can you feel the excitement building now?!?

- Dwell boasts 10 modern gifts for under $20USD. So hawt right now.

- Press button, receive bacon. I just caught on.