This week in design

The Tube carriage offices from Great Eastern Street

Photo c/o Annie Mole

If I were to have a studio outside the home, this set up would definitely be the place. The Village Underground are offices that rent for around £30/wk in Shoreditch featuring artists, loads of designers, producers, and more. You know their old Underground Carriages, by sight, and they were pulled up from the Jubilee Line.

I'd also love a shipping container like these. Recycling and reusing doesn't fall to far from the tree for me. My mom was called "the garbage queen" for picking out organic waste for her floral designs. I'd pick these types of housing over Millennium Water and a $100M disaster of my dollars any day.

This week in design

National Portrait Gallery has been cancelled. In the most latest edition of the Harper government arts cuts, the proposed "risky" $100M National Portrait Gallery had been cancelled blaming the economic "slow-down". But we were told that Canada is unaffected so I don't understand the logic!?

The World Economic Forum - Summit on the Global Agenda submits a design manifesto. Fitting that the Summit was held in Dubai, which is facing an environmental sewage disaster. "The GAC on Demographic Shifts was especially interested in the development of design-led solutions to problems of ageing. Similar requests were made by the GACs on terrorism, global governance, water security, future of entertainment and HIV/AIDS, among others."

Tokyo Design Festival 2008 wrapped up.

Photo c/o Wii

Boys can do yoga too... and a video game at the same time! Wii Fit does it all for you.

Aw! Isn't this cute? It would make me camp in a heart beat.

Low speed electric cars are now legal on non-major thoroughfares in VanCity. At $16G's a pop, the Smart Car still has ZENN beat but I think that Mini will have us all blown away with 0-60mph in 4 seconds. Blah blah blah... read all about it on, of course!

Financial Times does Vancouver in a day