Drivers: re-vitalize your safe intentions!

Sometimes we all aren't as blessed as I am this week and some of us face difficult times every day. This past Wednesday, one of my instructors was hit by a car as he was cycling through the West End. The driver ran and hit another cyclist one block away, only to flee that incident as well. Although the vehicle has been seized, the driver is absent from this storey. [CBC, Province]

Anyone getting behind the wheel of a vehicle must remember that they have 1360 kg (3000 lbs) with added velocity is no match for a 65kg human. A vehicle is a loaded gun when confronted with a bicyclist or human. Remember the West End intersections with lights across Davie and Robson with a stop sign on the cross street? Well, those are STILL stop signs and failing to stop and then hitting someone is a fatal mistake. It's all in RoadSense for Drivers. It's free and down-loadable. Read it several times.

The cyclists have a long journey ahead of them and they need us all to be their advocates, support and friends. They'll need to live, grow and develop trust and mobility.

In this week of my 40 Days to Personal Revolution I have truly discovered that you do not need a vacation to feel revitalized. Simply dedicating your practice to resetting your life on your mat can truly happen. Even rejuvenating yourself with your local food and area can reset your escapist attitude. I experienced this today when I double practiced back to back with Power and then Hot classes. I am so truly lucky to have some great instructors in a great studio to call home.