You can't do that on a Revolution! Day 4

I have embarked on a 40 days to Personal Revolution, Baron Baptiste style, and I have found that in this week of presence that there are some things that I can live without. Normally an unforeseen expense would keep me awake at night and bitchy Corey would come for a visit. Yesterday on such expense fell from the sky. It bothered me for a bit, but then I saw my future and changed it. These things will happen but they do not make me or own me. I slept like a log.

I worked steadily on a budget in September and I noticed I made a flaw in my calculations. Normally, finances would send me into a panic because I have never had much of any, but I see that it does not serve me to panic. Money is there when I wake up and go to bed so nothing is wrong.

I use "can't" a lot in my internal thoughts and that keeps me ever looking forward and backwards. I can't do the dishes, I have too much to do. I can't complete your request, I have about 30 before you. I can't meet you about your job, I don't have a timetable that works. You get the picture. So I am dropping "can't" and its' evil cousins don't and won't.

I wonder what other evolutions are waiting for me. It doesn't matter really, I want he surprise.