Holcim Awards: 3 Canadian projects win

Images courtesy Holcim Awards The Holcim Foundation for Sustainable Construction has awarded their 2008 selections and 3 oustanding Canadian projects made the cut:

Bronze: Living with Lakes Center for freshwater restoration and research, Sudbury, Canada

Designed by Peter Busby and Wills Architects, Vancouver BC and J.L. Richards & Associates Ltd, ON

The outstanding strengths of this project are twofold. Firstly, the new research and exhibition center will be built according to the most stringent criteria of sustainable construction minimizing the ecological footprint and assuring self-reliance with regard to energy and heat supply. Secondly, the research to be conducted in this center will contribute to the restoration of Sudbury's ecosystem with an emphasis on guaranteeing the drinking water quality and quantity for future generations. - Holcim Awards Jury

Acknowledgement: Evergreen Brick Works heritage site revitalization, Toronto, Canada

Designed by du Toit Allsopp Hillier and du Toit Architects Limited, Toronto, ON

The altered and upgraded buildings hosting classrooms, exhibitions and various social services will comply with today's requirements regarding resource and energy consumption. This very broad approach to the complex task of urban transformation combined with an effi cient management of the urban metabolism, driven by a strong partnership between citizens and authorities are the outstanding merits of this project. - Holcim Awards Jury

    Acknowledgement: Minimal-impact North Vancouver Outdoor School, Canada

    Designed by Larry McFarland Architects Ltd, Vancouver BC

    [The] new school and exhibition buildings will be completely self-reliant and fulfill net zero energy and net zero CO2 requirements. The elevated buildings offer free view and access to the beautiful nature in the neighborhood and avoid potential future damage from fl ooding. In addition, the building components and systems will become part of the learning experience and therefore fundamentally change the educational concept. - Holcim Awards Jury

    Overall, a job well done. Canadians be proud!