Paper bag princess

Care of Could it finally be? Could plastic bags finally be verboten? All across Metro Vancouver, City Counsellors are chatting about a reduction of 50% on plastic bags in the next 5 years. [Vancouver Sun]

"We don't think 50 per cent is enough. We need to go past that," says Councillor Marvin Hunt

Honestly, he's right. 50% is not enough. Remember in the 80's when you couldn't get anything but a paper bag at the grocery store? How did this happen? What will happen to all those plastic bag rugs that so creatively made their way into homes in the 90's? There is a HUGE market here for the Pulp and Paper sectors, once again, to produce brown paper bags.

Currently there are two grocery stores in Vancouver where paper bags are available: Capers/Whole Foods, and Choices Market. Have you ever tried to get a paper bag at Safeway? All be it that they do offer recycling of plastic bags in their store, is that enough? How many people, besides my household, actually bring their plastic bags to Safeway for recycling? I bet you that I am one is six degrees of separation that does. Their environmental policy states:

Safeway recognizes that air, water, soil and vegetation in our communities are vital resources and must be kept as free as possible from negative effects. To assure we do our part to protect against harmful environmental impacts, the company conducts its business in an environmentally responsible manner.

So, if Leaf Rapids Manitoba, a town of 550 people, can pass a bylaw that fines anyone $1,000 per day for plastic bags, then why can't a huge machine like the GVRD get the same law in place? I guess I'm just a paper bag princess.

Update 10.15.2008 A feasability plan should be established shortly. Councl. Tim Stevenson brought forward a motion to study out right ban or a tax, also put forward a motion to ask the provice for a ban on plastic bags. The ban is more likely because a tax would just tax the poor.