Years of inaction mean urgent measures: VOTE 2008

I have never been a fan of election times, they're poorly designed and Vancouverites have 2 in 30 days of each other. What is the point of "applying for the job of the Prime Minister of Canada" or diesel tax cuts? The typograpy is a mess, designers. As a multi-designer, I settle for nothing less than the perfect fit and I recognize that life is a constant beta-version changing, moving and inspiring.

Election problems for your consideration:
- $40M in arts funding cuts while Nicole Bourget, Assistant Deputy Minister, Public and Regional Affairs spent $6,739.83 to go to the 143rd International Exhibitions Bureau's General Assembly Session on 03.29.2008. That's nothing. Honorable Josée Verner claimed $13,758.59 in travel expenses for the same period.

- The PM Steven Harper's carbon footprint this week so far is 3.073 tonnes for flights. It's Tuesday. I could power my 473 sq. foot home for 256 years with that.

- Birds defecating on someone else isn't intelligent. Ya, you got my vote with that one.

- David Suzuki is close to cleanliness:

I can tell you what I believe are some of the most important issues. Global warming is at the top of the list. Years of inaction by various governments mean that urgent measures are needed – but it’s not a choice between environment and economy. On the contrary, other countries have shown that actions such as shifting from reliance on fossil fuels and other non-renewable energy to renewable sources creates numerous jobs and economic opportunities, as well as reducing carbon emissions that contribute to global warming. I also believe that putting a price on carbon emissions, through measures such as carbon taxes and cap-and-trade systems, is essential and has been shown to be effective in other countries. - David Suzuki, The temperature's rising - with election fever, September 9, 2008

- Update 09.10.2008: NDP pledges $2M/yr for 4 years to green-clean the manufacturing industry. No climate action policy announced. $8M is not enough.