Christmas List: Karl Lagerfeld teddy bear

Ok . Calm down right now our you won't be getting anything for Christmas this year.

Esteemed fashion designer, Karl "the Bear" Lagerfeld, is launching a new limited edition (2500) at Niemen Marcus this fall for $1500USD each. (The Cut, W Mag) The cub makes it's debut in skinny lacquered jeans, driving globes, aviators, and, of course, a high shirt collar.

Where did this little guy come from? This is the absolute pun of all puns to be had and so many of you may be clueless, but the term "bear" is a GLBT hyper culture slang that refers to an ultra-masculine lumberjack-like male with a beard and body hair, usually too much. They often have disdain for the effeminate. Perhaps Karl is fully aware of his image and willing to poke fun at himself, and you all are going to spend $1500 to be in on the gag.

"Nowadays you fart and your a designer," says Phillipe Stark, "more the design is trendy, less there is good designer."