Bad sofas: COME ON DOWN!

Sofa (') n. : a long upholstered seat usually with arms and a back and often convertible into a bed
Why does this lovely piece of "furniture" continue to make an appearance in homes across this continent. For those who are unfamiliar with sofa's of this kind, they are often sold in stores called "The Brick", "Leon's", "United Furniture Warehouse" and "Kern-Hill Furniture Co-op".

When you compare the retro-80's iconic designs in the commercial, that aired multiple times per day - MULTIPLE TIMES PER DAY - on CKDN, you can see that little has changed since 1989. It's big, it's ugly, and some of you may never have seen such tragic home fashions. It exists, it's plentiful, and it grows like weeds. Like any good weed that spreads, so too does furniture explode and continue to be sold (and bought!) on a daily basis. Somewhere. Not here. Ew.

Here are some lovely alternate sofa options that are pretty, stylish, and gentle on the pocket book.

Kramfors $1600
Designer: Mia Gammelgaard

This sleek option appears to be a two-seat sofa and if you take a closer look you will see that four people will sits comfortably. With roughly the same width and depth as the brown-eye-sore above, this is the preferred option for the lighter pockets.

Neo Sectional Chaise Left SALE $3998-4147USD
Designer: Niels Bendtsen

This divine sectional comes with a left, or a a right, chaise and is on SALE! SALE! If you want to order this little number, I suggest calling Kristian (so cute!) at the Soho NYC location.

Tufted High Back Sofa

What a gem of a piece of furniture. Clearly it's priceless, but it makes you want it just that much more.