UGLIEST Top 10 Design Trends

On Saturday, the Globe and Mail wrote an article on the [UGLIEST] Top 10 Design Trends citing:

Break out your copy of Brideshead Revisited and bone up on feng shui. This fall, the chicest homes will feature upper-crust accents, chinoiserie and oversized botanical prints.

What?!? Brideshead Revisited??? Well, I never. Bonus picture 11 was Faux Taxidermy - which I will not be posting on this blog because it`s beyond ugly, it`s FUGLY! Let's critique.

1. Chase lounge - Paris by Thomas Pheasant, $6940 (studio b)
- I have to say, I`m way over Chase lounges. They are practical in some aspects, but I have NEVER seen anyone sit in one and enjoy it. With the cost of real estate and reduced square footage in today`s urban homes, this is NOT a good purchase for your budget.

2. Douglas Fir - Round Quad table, $2,750 (Brent Comber). Douglas Fir by nature, Pricele$$
- Douglas fir... are we trying to boost the soft wood lumber industry here. Raw and natural details are great in any home but be conscious of what you`re buying and where it came from.

3. Graffiti - Love graffiti pillow, $24.95USD (CB2)
- Adore graffiti. Any touch of urban you can bring back. This is a major trend.

4. Mustard - Trollsta side table, $69 (Ikea)
- Not so much the mustard, but all about the trad-mod furniture mix.

5. Ribbon patterns - Ribbon stools, from $547 (Inform Interiors)
- I know someone who adores ribbons so much. I don`t think Grandpa should attempt to sit on these stools. Know your guests before purchasing these.

6. Chinoiserie - Red Ming sideboard, Baker’s Milling Road Collection, $5,400 (studio b)
- This is a terrible example of Chinoiserie because it`s furniture, and not fabric. If you want antique Asian furniture (not chinoiserie), go to Peking Lounge for the real deal.

7. Old money - Kerry wing chair, $2,645, French Provincial side table, $1,275, Harriet table lamp in Antique Brass, $285 (Elte)
- What is this style garbage that is getting print exposure lately. Old money belongs in the bank and is not a style nor a trend.

8. Botanical prints - Rosslyn wallpaper, $195 per 10-metre roll (Farrow & Ball)
- This is a great example of what NOT TO DO! We made these mistakes from 1980-1999 and do not need to repeat repeat repeat repeat ugly wallpaper. Did the renovation that covered this up fall down??? Repetition can be done, not with vomit, but in a large scale and small scale that doesn`t remind you of your Aunt`s basement bathroom where she experimented with decor.

9. Nailhead trim - Kerry wing chair, $2,645 (Elte)
- Yes, in silver and nickel only please. Take the pewter off your furniture and shelves. Melt it down and make a mug.

10. Benches - Bench, $1,395 (Elte)
- Very adaptable as a bench or coffee table, but again, be aware of where this product is coming from. We don`t need another laminate floor (which is awful, btw)

Globe and Mail needs a new design specialist.