Review: NYC Waterfalls by Olafur Eilasson

As a part of the New York City Public Art Fund, The New York City Waterfalls are on display from 06.26-10.13.2008. The four waterfalls are the collaborative work of artist Olafur Eilasson. They are are built on scaffolding, a common place on the streets of NY, and range in height from 90-120'-0". Fear not fellow environmentalists, the water from the East River (which is actually not a river at all, but a Straight) with protective pools to prevent aquatic life from being hurt, they are 100% green power, and are not filtered out in any way.

Eilasson says that the water is a direct reflection of NYC and address the heightened relationship with the environment. The water changes, as does the city.

Pier 35
Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Piers
Governors Island (imagine what could have been)