Bottled Water Ban: Vancouver City Council

This blog isn't all about interior design. Which is why you will often see me profess or proclaim my mantra's on things that effect our daily living. Banning bottled water is on of those proclamations I have made before [Track back] and today Metro-Vancouver is one step closer.

Councillor Tim Stevenson, Director of the Greater Vancouver Water District board, had introduced a motion to ban the sale of water in bottles at all civil locations.

"Here we're sitting on the best glacially fed water and instead of turning on
the tap we walk over and buy a bottle of water that we don't know when it was
packaged and we really don't know where it came from," he said.

How true. Most bottled water is tap water that has been processed with reverse osmosis, with the exception of Evian and Fiji who's environments are being sabotaged by bottling water.

Do your part, get a Sigg and drink it from the tap! (Although, when I was in Barcelona I was served the worst tap water ever. Just a thought.)

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