CANADIAN DESIGN: The good, bad and ugly

On this 140th Canada (Dominion) Day (Fête du Canada), let's take a brief look at a history of Canadian design of all sorts. Forgive the uglies, they know not what they do.
Contempra Telephone (1968, John Tyson) could have been found in every single home at one point or another.

Oh Chair (1999, Rashid, Umbra) plays on perception of solid and void and is actually pretty comphy - if you can spare the price.
Stiletto Chair (1998, David Burry) appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show and should be laid to rest. I've sold it, it's not pretty in this picture, but would look stunning in black with pink piping.

RACE System (1976, Douglas Ball) changed our office environments forever.Dining set (1946, designed by W. Czerwinski and H. Stykolt, Canadain Wooden Aircraft) is laminate moulded wood - all CDN, baby!

Lotte lamps (c. 1960's, Lotte Bostlund) and a fine example of CDN Craftsman style and would make a fine addition to any home.
Textiles by Virginia Johnson are stunning and simple.

Apollo 861 (1966, Gordon Duern and Keith McQuarrie, Electrohome) is stunning. Please hold onto it if you have it because gem's like these are hard to find.
Ceramics by Koen De Winter (c. 1980's) offer a stunning technical reference to traditional dinnerware and pottery.
Find more current designers online at the CANADIAN DESIGN RESOURCE.