Filtering Eco-spam: No "Mulligan" for Planet Earth

Those of you who have kept up with my eco-rants and raves on this forum have noticed that I have pretty much stopped and posts have dropped off the face of the earth - which I blame on eco-fatigue [trackback].

Yesterday the NY Times published an article on The Era of Green Noise that has taken eco-blogs and design blogs by storm. Alex Williams describes green noise as "static caused by urgent, sometimes vexing or even contradictory information played at too high a volume for too long." I too, like Mary Burnham, collect the offices non-recyclables and take them home to be ethically disposed of. I too shop local produce as much as possible and feel guilty that Apples are only available form New Zealand at this time of year. I too refuse to purchase a vehicle because it's wasteful and oh so bad for our ecosystem. I too have recycled my reusable plastic bottles and switched to SIGG.

So how do we find a solution that will filter all the eco-spam mail of this world? What do we do now that we have this wealth of information? How do we act?

These are the questions that I posed to Nicholas Miller, Goreacle trained, of Airpatrol Corporation at EPIC in April. We still don't have an answer, but I'm certain the Canadian office is working on it with Herr Goracle. Core77 contributor Xanthe Matychak asks us: is green noise the problem? It's not just a buzz in my ear, it's an ear infection.

I was at a party last night and someone was mentioned living with "100 things" to me. The theory of How to Live With 100 Things, as written by Lisa McLaughlin for Time this month, discusses goal-oriented minimalists who wish to only live with 100 items and you purge you stuff to clear your space and your mind. Remapping the consumerist roadways of our highly advertised environment of haves and have nots. The only problem is that we have emotional attachments to things, ideas, records, DVD's and clothes. I think I have 100 t-shirts, let alone 100 things. This is a challenge worth fighting for.

I don't think that many of my friends, family, or colleagues take this high level problem as seriously as I do nor do they go to the lengths that I do. My cat uses corn kitty litter, for Pete's sake! I did a 100-mile diet for my birthday last year that failed miserablly with my crowd of friends - 2 showed up and 1 drove there. I shop locally as humanly as possible and avoid purchasing too much. Am I nuts?!?

No, I am not nuts. I'm am simply an advanced user who is quietly navigating this Made in China, post-consumerist, beautiful world that we live in. Because we have no choice where we live, this is it. Only one Earth. No Mulligans.