Do I have eco-fatigue?

Yesterday I headed out to EPIC, thanks Rodney for the tip, and had an enjoyable time. Sorry if you didn't make it. While there, I met who is heading the Canadian office of Al Goricals Inconvenient Truth. Talking with him we looked over the ice shelves that melting in Antarctica and the 6 steps out of about a combination of 12 that we can take to reduce CO2 emissions. Pretty cool, if you ask me.

That was all fine and good, except I don't know how to apply all that knowledge I've accrued over the years and make it work. I've read a lot, and I know a lot, about sustainable living and the environment, but do I act in my daily life? Yes, kind of, mostly. Then I wondered why isn't it a solid yes, YES I act. I little small voice in the back of my right side of my brain said, in it's very faint whisper, "eco-fatigue!"

TreeHugger report on eco-fatigue as the following: "Serious ECO-FATIGUE is upon us, as independent and experienced consumers are fed up with being told what to do, or, more specifically, told what not to do. Treated like unruly infants, the ECO-FATIGUED increasingly rebel against the green movement’s obsession with ‘no’."

That pretty much sums it up.

Why, how, when did this happen? I really think that I hit my max a couple of months back, but can't really pin-point the moment.

Hey, wait a minute...

Purchase local produce from Organica - Rachel is a diamond. Someone make this girl procreate.
Recycle everything
Reuse everything
Ask for paper or avoid a bag whenever possible
Avoid printing out
Walk or take transit to work
Don't own a vehicle
Use CFL, LED, or halogen for all lighting in my home

What else can I do?

Kelly Deck, a local interior designer, wrote in Friday's Vancouver Sun: "that we can't consume our way out of our environmental straits – is a philosophical one. The best result, she says, is not to label everything eco-friendly; it's to "plan well, build for longevity, and make informed decisions about what you buy and where it came from." [Grandville Online]