las fallas: anartistic dream or just an excuse for corporate sponsorship

the combonation of easter holy days and las fallas in spain means traffic nightmares, noise, and non-stop parties in this ancient coastal city of valencia, spain. this city could be a designers oppertunity with the old verses new, the barrier unfriendly zones and the colourful pallets of the mediteranian sea.

never in my life have i seen a mixutre of medieval, baroque, romanesque, rennaisance and rocco styles in one building - but you can find this in valencia. a great example is the catedral de santa maría de valencia. climb el miguelete for a stunning view of the city which victor hugo once counted 300 bell towers. it's still true.

above all, las fallas is the worlds largest paper mache statue competition which some spend upto $1M every year to win the competition. watch the falleres, women dressed in traditional spanish robes worth $10,000, and processions to the plaza vergin where thousands of them line the streets to bring flowers to the large figure - pictured above.
overall, las fallas has become highly commercial with tour groups, corporate sponships appearing on the falla themselves and large neighbourhood parties that end around sunrise. what could have been an amazing artistic venture and life of the city in past years, has now become a gimic and a show for the world to become intoxicated in it's mysteries.