worthy: fashion against aids

"stop and think" was the title of the t-shirt ($19.99) on katherine hamnett advertised at the skytrain platform. they seem to be popping up everywhere like starbucks- who scaled back their development plan due to the indifferent economic times in the usa. but for vancouverites, buying one of those t-shirts can be a logistical nightmare. 4 cities away and a 1 1/2 hour bus ride over 3 zones to port coquitlam is bridgeless travel, but oddly terrifying.

"h&m and designers against aids (daa) are joining forces in the battle against aids and are launching a collection for guys and girls together with rihanna, timbaland and other well-known designers, musicians and artists... the collection "fashion against aids" will be available in h&m's divided departments from february 2008." [via h&m]

despite the fantastic fashions by scissor sisters and rufus wainwright, my personal faves, i have found that h&m was less than inspiring on my recent voyage. although, "made in china" at h&m, their corporate responsibility ensures us that that adiquite wages and social guidelines are adheared to.

my vote? why bother. it's too far and too much work for new design in this case.