artwork hang-ups

So you have a whole bunch of artwork, but don't know how to hang it or what to do?

Well there's a lot that can be said for a few well chosen pieces, aside from the stock images in the Pictures & Frames department at IKEA. Custom artwork doesn't have to be expensive. Recently, we acquired a new original piece for about 100 bucks as a gallery store was moving to a new location.

Most apartments don't allow you to paint, so why not do a salon style and hang a lot of well chosen pictures you love - like the picture on the left from Kat's Delicatessen on the East Side in NYC. I know, that might be a bit much! But it does add texture to a space that is non-existent. Think about implementing with consistent spaces (1 - 3" between each)

Ok, so you're a minimalist and that's too much for you. An easy solution is to choose large pieces - such as vintage bohemian prints by Toulouse-Lautrec. When hanging artwork for a minimal space, you need not necessarily have all of them work together as a series, however it does help to unify the theme.

Think of artwork as texture, or layers on a cake. But you do have to be mindful of how much, how little, presentation, and location.