goracle, dion, harper govn't sojourn to bali, but will they see?

deep in the archives of coreyblog [tb. beautiful indonesia], my very first post was about the return trip from indonesia. jason and i toured bali extensively, yogiyakarta and jakarta were smaller stops. of the two weeks that we spent in and around bali, we were amazed at the beauty and the destitution of everything. something so beautiful would be paired with neglect or pollution. will this be the appropriate backdrop for climate change talks?

dion will travel at the liberal party expense, baird at the taxpayers expense, and al gore at his own expense. i wonder if kyoto will miss stéphane dion on his independent trip to bali. "We are speaking about the worst ecological threat that humanity is facing, and I will do my best." dion [via national post]

you have to admit, the canadian governments current position on global warming (aptly named climate change to soften the blow) is pitiful. john baird, minister of environment with his geled curls and white toothy smile, has no environmental studies education but he does hold a prestigious 3 year bachelor of arts in political studies from queen's university.

stop right there. only 3 years? i hold a longer educational degree (4 years) and an additional certificate (3 years.) i could be enviroment minister!

sometimes we think that climate change is not our responsibility, it's up to the politicians. but did you know that there are may ways you can make your voice heard? add your voice, sign the alliance for climate change (al gore/goracale) petition today: http://climateprotect.org/standwithal