eco-gifts under your artifical tree with LED bulbs and newspaper wrapping

[image courtesy ny times] and that's just a list of ways to make your holiday greener and more eco-friendly. but what about gift giving? is it an eco-monster? is it an eco-farse? is it a eco-cash-grab? but seriously. let's give these fresh ideas a try for the holidays:

  • video conference instead of flying out for the holidays
  • wrap gifts in newspaper instead of gift wrap (it just gets thrown out)
  • use raffia instead of ribbon as a natural decoration
  • practice a one hundred mile diet for your special dinners
  • send gift cards with a wish list instead of costly and wasteful shipping (the gift card is actually worth more if you add in the shipping costs to the value)
  • giving cloths or soft furnishings? give bamboo, hemp, or other natural fibers
  • search for products with the least amount of packaging